Denali National Park: A Do Something Vacation Destination

If someone were to write down everything a national park should be and included adventurous, educational and experiential they would be describing Denali National Park.  Denali National Park features the highest mountain in North America (Denali), encompasses more than six million acres and is a premier vacation destination for those seeking to experience a vacation that teaches, entertains and challenges.  The landscape is vast but only a part of the story. Denali’s unique, active and evolving geologic story and abundant wildlife enhance the qualities of its far northern geographic location. Indeed, the commitment of many people throughout its 100 year old history has preserved this unspoiled wilderness for future generations.

Denali:  The Experience

Many vacation choices can become routine and more of a ritual than a true adventure. Every year families decide on a destination they will trek to and yearn for experiences that offer unique challenges and breathtaking vistas. Denali National Park is a geographically rich expanse offering more than 400,000 visitors those kind of unique experiences found in few other places in the world. Many of those visitors seek out activities like whitewater rafting in Denali National Park. Another popular activity is mountain biking on the Denali National Park road. Of course, mountain climbing is another activity some visitors to Denali will attempt but access is both difficult and expensive.

Denali:  An Education

Conservationist Charles Alexander Sheldon spent nine years lobbying for the idea of Denali National Park in order to help preserve a dwindling sheep population as a result of mining and unchecked human development. Whether exploring Denali in a bus, by foot, on a bike, by dog sled or skiing, the park offers many educational opportunities, as well.  Visitors can observe and learn about a large variety of wildlife, including:  Grizzly Bear, Caribou, Arctic Fox, Marten, Lynx, Wolverine and more. These amazing creatures can be observed in their natural habitat, co-existing and behaving, without the influences of mankind.  Denali has become known for its recently discovered dinosaur tracks and fossils. Varying terrain features will pique the interest of the studied geologist and the amateur, alike…


In short, Denali National Park is a vacation destination bound to both challenge and excite its visitors. There is nothing complacent about nearly six million acres of preserved wilderness. Most visitors who engage this incredible National Park will be enriched by an experience that challenges, educates and mystifies in the name of Denali, The Great One.


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